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Greetings Homeboys

  1. Our Annual get together is Saturday, October 7, 2023. 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.           
    Venue: Q River Grill.  3-5 Clifton St.  New Haven, CT 06513

  2. Price: $40 each.

  3. The majority of you have not responded. I need the money upfront so we can set the menu. We have a beautiful private room reserved. It is right at the bank of the Quinnipiac River. It is a very relaxing and pleasant view.

  4. You can Zelle to me using my phone number.  (203-435-8442)  If you use cash app PLEASE REMEMBER to put the in the note “for Homeboys Get Together”.  My Cash App ID# is: $JesseHameenI


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Pictures from the 2023 Homeboys Reunion at the Q Club New Haven, CT

Homeboys 2023

Homeboys 2022 at Knickerbockers (Nock Nock for Knickerbocker Beer)

Homeboys of New Haven